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YUSHI GROUP specializes in supplying natural marble. The company is located in the beautiful maritime city of Xiamen, adjacent to the world's foremost stone distribution center, in Shuitou, China. Our quarry is based in north-east China. Since the marble quarry was operated in 2010,benefited from the unique mining conditions and geographical advantage,a vast number of high-quality blocks can be quarried every month. Frozen White,one of the classic stone collections from YUSHI GROUP, has been widely exported to overseas countries and is considered to be a representative variety of Chinese white stone. We own a stone industry base covering an area of 80,000 square meters adjacent to the north-eastern port.The base is equipped with sophisticated facilitiesan experienced team and a full inventory.All this ensures a consistent and stable supply of premium quality blocks, slabs, cut-to-size, countertops, mosaics and other products to our customers together with an outstanding service. The application of stone and its design are inseparable.Every year,our founder,being aware of the importance ofthe stone design and its subsequent applicationatt ends significant international stone fairs and design exhibitions.The purpose of these actions is to find inspiration with stunning designs and to provide our customers with the perfect scenographic experience, superior products and more professional service. Always bearing in mind the principle ofhonestyour concern for the client and aiming for excellence we have successfully achieved to promote innovative products and to establish a good reputation and credibility in the industry over the years. Marble is our passion!We are looking forward to immersing with you in the fascinating world of marble! Let's appreciate the beauty of it together!

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    Focus on Stone Design

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    Professional Team

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